“Stuck in my room”

Artist-in-Residence Hovvard

“110 paintings animated into this, the idea behind stuck in my room was how I’ve viewed love; from being in a room making art about it, I wanted to convey my fears, doubts, satisfaction in what it feels like to be intertwined with another human. The break down for the name was just a way to say stuck in my head, heart and emotions. The shirts are based off of the thoughts and imagination of security, some are sad thoughts some are empowering, all tell a story when you view the shirts from small to xx large, the breaks in voice on some shirts are moments where I have nothing to say other than feeling life as it is outside of my room, like peaking out. The photo shoot was to really show who I am inside in terms of coloring and styling, a cool way to show what these shirts looked like and what they mean to me. Overall this was stuck in my room enjoy.”


The show’s title, borrowed from influential Surrealist text Les Champs Magnétiques (The Magnetic Fields), by André Breton and Philippe Soupault (1920) alludes to exploring the nonsensical and the dreamlike unconscious.

ROSE NESTLER, Gym Shorts, 2019

The work on view in this exhibition shares a common dialogue and aims to explore these surrealist notions in a contemporary manner.


Something in between constructed and documented

“The world of the heterosexual is a sick and boring life,” states Edith Massey in Female Trouble, John Waters’ 1974 brazen classic of grotesque comedy. A long history of analogue playful, punk, or personal artistic takes on sexual identity have contributed to chiseling a prism of queer aesthetics, which Berlin-based filmmaker and photographer Matt Lambert inhabits with his new project, Pleasure Park, a collaboration with porn studio MEN.com and Tom of Finland Foundation.

Shot over one summer day at Finland’s former house and visually nodding to the forefather of homoerotic illustration, Pleasure Park is a collage – a jigsaw of soft-core images featuring a group of friends and adult performers – to be released in early 2020 both as a film and a zine with illustrations and graphic design by Berlin legend, Stefan Fähler. Ahead of the zine’s pop-up launch [12th December], we asked Lambert to revisit the progressive and subconscious fashioning of his photographic lens.