Celebrating TOM – TOM’s Bar “DaddyWood”


Preview Night photos by Benno Sebastian


DaddyWood photos by Motorboot Photography

DaddyWood photos by Miguel Angel Reyes



The yearly bash at the Faultline is a beloved L.A. tradition to honor Tom of Finland and kick off the summer season with bears, boys, bare butts, and beer.

Perfect June weather — sunny and warm enough that there was the smell of man in the air — greeted the day for the annual fundraiser for the Tom of Finland Foundation, TOM’s Bar: DaddyWood

This year the event had more than expected and a more open and inclusive crowd. Seems like the Foundation is moving along with the times. Note the happy addition of more trans folk, women folk, and scary lesbian rocker folk than ever before. It’s all good.

In addition to the usual parking lot and main bar party; there was Miguel Angel Reyes intructing drawing classes; tattoos by Adam Vu Noir, Tamara Santibanez, Heather Bailey and Nathan S.; an art show curated by Liz Lee and Cali Dewitt; and contests: Best A$$, Best TOM Character, and Vogue/Ballroom categories!

There was ear-splitting music for the young folk and locals in the neighborhood: Le1F, Brooke Candy, Sky Ferreira (DJ set), Plack Blague, DJ Speedboat, SSion (DJ set), DJ Danny Lethal, DJ No Sesso, and Hardcore Tina.

Did you miss the event? Tom of Finland Foundation still welcomes your support in helping them collect and preserve erotic art while fighting the rise of censorship in America. See how you can be a part of the TOM family and help out.

See 111 Photos of Dads, Studs, Pups, and Divas for Tom of Finland By Lorenzo Gomez Photography for The Advocate

Thanks to the talented Lorenzo Gomez for getting right in on the action for these great photos.


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