BLUF hosts an evening at TOM House to benefit ToFF – October 22nd

TOM OF FINLAND (Finnish, 1920 – 1991), TOM's Leather Guards #2 (Detail, modified), 1976, Graphite on paper, 12” x 17”, Tom of Finland Foundation Permanent Collection #76.21, © 1976 Tom of Finland Foundation

As the first social of its kind, the BLUF club is hosting an evening at the historic TOM House, home of influential icon, Tom of Finland and his educational archive, Tom of Finland Foundation.

The social will be open to any and all male uniform enthusiasts. Paying tribute to the BLUF club’s mandate and a large number of Tom’s works, the event organizers will be enforcing a strict dress-code to which all attendees must respectfully adhere.

There will be an entrance fee at the door of ten dollars (US$10.00). Proceeds will directly benefit the preservation efforts of Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF). Cash bar. Cigars. Photographer Jay R. Lawton.

BLUF (Breeches Leather Uniform Fanclub) is an international club for men who enjoy wearing breeches, leather and uniforms. The organization boasts a network which spans across more than 40 nations worldwide. BLUF is one of the strictest dress-code clubs in the world.

As part of the evening, ToFF will be releasing a small collection of limited edition prints which focus on TOM’s Men in Leather Uniforms.


TOM’s BLUF, Saturday evening from eight till midnight.

TOM House, Los Angeles (Echo Park)

The social is presented by Nikitas Chondroyannos, Jeff Gent and Louie Pacheco Saenz in cooperation with Tom of Finland Foundation.

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The Parade of Erotic Chairs is now officially open

One thing for sure, anyone who has visited TOM House notices an abundance of chairs. They are all shapes and descriptions, with more discarded hopefuls stacked in the sheds, retrieved from curbsides awaiting their doom to the garbage dumps via the trash trucks. Then comes the brilliant gay idea! Why not create a campaign to transform hundreds of chairs into erotic works of art. We are now officially announcing a fabulous campaign. Raise funds for your Erotic Art Foundation by taking discarded chairs and transforming them into works of art, erotic art. Art that displays our remarkable ability to once again, bring humor, beauty into the world through our erotic visions.

We are mounting this on a global level. Anyone can participate. All entries will be showcased on our website.

David Kahauolopua & Keith Webster of SOLD OUT Clothing have completed the first in a series of erotic chairs.

David Kahauolopua & Keith Webster of SOLD
OUT Clothing have completed the first in a series of erotic chairs.

It goes like this: Find a discarded chair, or one of your own that is past its prime, take a good photo of it just for reference purposes, then goto work doing your magic, and low and behold a new creation is born. The guidelines are simple. Make it into something wonderful expressing our sexuality, male, female, transgender, it’s your call. Then take pictures of it – very high resolution – just think, we can do a book on this project.

The Foundation will do its best to assist in its publicity. We want it to have an opportunity to be placed in a location where the public can see it, view it, appreciate it. There will be a notice that the chair will be put on sale to the highest bidder. We can create a fashion design parade of chairs spanning the globe and celebrating who we are as creative sexual creatures of the highest order.

The second chair in the series has been completed by the artist Dylan (Carrington Galen).

The second chair in the series has been
completed by the artist Dylan (Carrington Galen).

All proceeds from the sale of the chairs and any product created with them benefits Tom of Finland Foundation. Our aim for this project is 1) To find new homes for chairs that have been slated to doom in a trash dump. 2) To raise monies for your beloved art Foundation, ToFF. 3) To create a medium for all artists of interest to express their talents. To garner attention for them locally and internationally as artists that celebrate their creative talents through the erotic arts. 4) Hopefully this form of expression will do its part in making this world one step better in fostering tolerance through beauty for all sexual diversities.