Art Student from The Cooper Union visits TOM House

Amanda S., from the School of Art, comes to experience the expertise of TOM. She was turned on to TOM by her boyfriend, Ryan – himself an artist who is part of a performance piece being done at MoMA.

Amanda is from┬áPacific Pallisades and is back in L.A. for a summer job doing design work for a record label. She took a special interest in TOM’s reference binders.


The Legacy of Gay at the TOM House

Xavier “Chico’ Garza

I am visiting LA from SF and sharing the story of my father and his art. I hope to create a venue to honor my father and the legacy of his art, his experiences and ultinmtely his art and the impact it has had.

I am exciting to encourage others to honor their fathers in ways that are unique and special.

I am here with my lover Mehmet who visit from the mountains where he lives in a log cabin on the end of a dirt road in the Giant Sequoia National Monument.



The Leather Journal Covers the Foundation

The July 2009 issue:

Tom of Finland Foundation Proudly Celebrates 25 Years

The Tom of Finland Foundation celebrated its 25th anniversary and Tom of Finland’s birthday with their annual TOM’s Bar at the Faultline in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday afternoon, June 21 with about 700 Leatherfolk attending.

The article appears front page, runs to a second and features 9 photos by Dave Rhodes.

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