Hector Silva, After Dark | 7th September | LA

hs - CopyA special exhibit of artist HECTOR SILVA’s newest homoerotic collection. Known for “queering the homeboy asthetic,” Hector once again brings to life his arousing interpretations of gay latino men in his pencil drawings.


Invited guest artists: MIGUEL ANGEL REYES and MANUEL A. ACEVEDO.

 If no one’s trying to censor you, then you’re probably not doing anything that important.

hs - Copy (2)I explore themes of cultural identity, because as Latinos, we are often erased from the social portrait. and then when you add been queer to that, we can really disappear. But I also think that the “positive image” strategy can be a trap, and as an artist, I feel responsible for showing art that is not only beautiful but truthful.

I want my work to be accessible, to always give the viewer a way into the image. I feel that “high art” often excludes people, and I am strongly against that. I think art should invite people in, and engage them in a conversation, esthetic, political, philosophical, erotic, whatever.

When I make art, my intended audience is not only the person that attends museums and galleries. I feel very strongly that art belongs in the streets. Putting art in the streets has been part of Latino culture for a long time, and we see it all the time, from murals to graffiti. I consider myself part of that tradition. I think art belongs in the street, and on the street is a lot of art. 

Saturday, 8p – 4a
This is a 21+event; proper ID required.

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