“REXworld” | 23rd February | Antwerp

For the first time ever, Antwerp’s internationally recognized Leather & Fetish Pride at the Darklands festival showcases over 200 images from REX’s incredible career in art. The majority of this art in this retrospective has never been allowed public exhibition due to government censorship and the scourge of political correctness.

To honor his 50th anniversary of producing iconic Homo-erotica for the Gay fetish world, Jeroen van Lievenoogen and his team have honored REX with the largest exhibition of his art ever held. Half of the exhibited art will be located in the REX Arena play area, which REX claims is, “the place where it belongs”. Still more work can be seen at the REX Bar and REX Stand, where art, catalogs, fine art prints, cards and posters offered for purchase.

The objective of REX’WORLD: Back to the Future is to make the “impossible” possible: After a half century of creating iconic fetish art for the gay community, REX images have become ubiquitous around the world as “anonymous art”, that is endlessly copied and circulated on line without permission, payment or credit for decades now. Now in his vintage years, this much censored and ignored artist is to be honored with this rare European exhibit, which highlights five decades of his pioneering contribution to gay history.

The fact they have a hard-on when viewing this material makes them more likely to surrender themselves to these images. Yes, this is pornography – sorry about that – and its purpose is to excite and arose sexually to the point of orgasm. Whether you think you like it or not. After alcohol does its work, all moral or intellectual resistance to this work fades – this work comes “alive” as you’ve never seen it before. Even for myself when viewing it stoned (Did I really draw this?). Sexual situations are its proper setting and purpose. And in this “darkroom area” at Darklands these images being the only available soft light, people will be like sitting-ducks to the power of these images – inescapable – regardless of whether they think they like this stuff or not. Their libidos will decide the issue for them. The Darklands organizers seem very much “on board” but we should keep rubbing their nose in how spectacular this could be if, they are only daring enough to keep thinking “outside the box” in promoting this once-in-a-lifetime show for both: them and myself. I can’t imagine, I will EVER top this presentation we are mounting. I can die a happy – if poor – man after this. And after all, this is about the future and the future is always about the unexpected. -REX


Runs through 25th February

Whether you can attend, or not, please support the crowdfunding effort.



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