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IMAGE: Luis Paul Canales (ARTWORK: Tom of Finland )

“Tableaux Vivant Deux”
26th April 2014
TOM House


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PHOTOS: Miguel Angel Reyes

Fantastic job by
Jordan Frink, Mr. Sister Leather 2014; Glen Alen, award-winning artist;
and an enthusiastic cast of
TOM’s Men.

Thank you to everyone involved: Xavier O. Espejo, Sean Jake, Luis Paul Canales, Christopher Jones, Christopher Paul, Thomas Trafelet, Gabriel Green, Matthew Mullins, Jon Vaz Gar, Stuart Sandford, Jeff Neff, Rod Reynolds, Christian Matthews and Josh G.

We also raised money for The Grant Park Foundation,
whose goal is feeding the community and helping those in need.
Every Monday night in Pasadena’s Grant Park, volunteers bring dinner and a packed lunch for the next day, to about 100 of those less-fortunate.


IMAGE: Christopher Jones (ARTWORK: Tom of Finland)




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