“Stuck in my room”

Artist-in-Residence Hovvard

“110 paintings animated into this, the idea behind stuck in my room was how I’ve viewed love; from being in a room making art about it, I wanted to convey my fears, doubts, satisfaction in what it feels like to be intertwined with another human. The break down for the name was just a way to say stuck in my head, heart and emotions. The shirts are based off of the thoughts and imagination of security, some are sad thoughts some are empowering, all tell a story when you view the shirts from small to xx large, the breaks in voice on some shirts are moments where I have nothing to say other than feeling life as it is outside of my room, like peaking out. The photo shoot was to really show who I am inside in terms of coloring and styling, a cool way to show what these shirts looked like and what they mean to me. Overall this was stuck in my room enjoy.”

Meet Bas Kosters, artist-in-residence

“In my work there is always a strange contrast between outspokenness and tenderness, childlike optimism, and provocative aesthetics.”

“My stay at Tom Finland Foundation is truly magical. It is a place with a strong energy, which is great to indulge in. The rich history, which the Foundation represents, has proven to be so meaningful, yet it is still necessary to keep pushing boundaries and create space for our community. I am really excited to shape the future landscape of erotic art, as it is one of my great interests. With this I can contribute to people’s personal and sexual development. For me my time until now has been very open, and full of experiments, which lead to a large variety of works, but themed by my personal fascinations and points of view.” -Bas Kosters, 2019

Bas Kosters’ self created world of graphic designs and sketches of typical characters form the basis of his studio’s distinctive visual language. Kosters’ profound belief in the strength of combining different disciplines to develop one brand is acknowledged by his winning of multiple awards. -Not Just A Label