Tom of Finland – “Life and Work of a Gay Hero”

TOM OF FINLAND (Finnish, 1920 – 1991), Untitled, 1988, Graphite on paper, ToFF #88.10, © 1988 Tom of Finland Foundation


Tom of Finland has been an incredible inspiration to my work
and within the Gay community, as well.  
Mike Kelley, 1985




Release Date: September 2012



“FUR: THE LOVE OF HAIR” from Bruno Gmünder

Let it grow!

Hair maketh the man. Hair, or the apparent lack of it,
is the typical way in which we discern male from
female, masculine from feminine, mature from
immature. And in the new millennium the natural
growth of hair on handsome male bodies became a
real trend again.

Fur—The Love of Hair offers you sexy men
en masse—and they all show their hair proudly. The
pictures by various artists are complemented by
informative and entertaining texts.

It may seem very elemental, but the presence of fur on
body and face is the most basic manifestation of
masculinity. And there’s nothing sexier in the world than
confident overflowing masculinity. -Rafael Lopez


Hardcover photo book. $70.99

Fur—The Love of Hair



Tom of Finland Foundation Library receives gift of “The Art of Man”

ToFF’s library has received the latest issue of the quartlery, The Art of Man. 

“It is a fine arts journal that seeks to bring balance to a genre of art that overwhelmingly favors the female figure. Every edition includes an historical reference, an article on the fine art of the male figure, a directory of over 150 artists, and in-depth interviews with 5 artists that are courageous enough to focus on the male figure as a significant portion of their portfolio.”

ToFF is appreciative of this gift and the work of Firehouse Publishing.

HISTORICAL SPOTLIGHT: Greek & Roman Sculpture by Grady Harp.

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