Phil St. John | 23rd September | LA

Diary of a Puerto Rican Porno
New Book Signing
The Classic Porn of Phil St. John
Premier Screening of Documentary Feature 

Production still from Getting It At The Rave

The only fellow of The American Film Institute ever inducted into The Gay Porn Hall of Fame, Phil St. John, presents a doubleheader on September 23rd at the Tom of Finland Foundation with his book signing of Diary of a Puerto Rican Porno followed by the world premiere of his documentary feature film The Classic Porn of Phil St. John that chronicles St. John’s legendary 25 years directing gay porn all over the world.

Diary of a Puerto Rican Porno is an action-adventure, sexually outrageous filmmaking odyssey. St. John takes his boyfriend and a porn star bottom to the land of the “big tops” to make Foreskin Island and Return to Foreskin Island, two tropical dick movies shot back-to-back in the jungles near San Juan. The moviemaking is fraught with knife fights, sexual intrigue, nervous breakdowns, tropical depressions, secret marijuana smuggling, and true cinematic, pornographic love.

The book is also available from Tom of Finland Store. Cover Art by Miguel Angel Reyes.


Also on view will be framed photographic prints from some of St. John’s movies.

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“Breathlessly paced, colorful, and just a little scary, the book tells us the almost hallucinatory insanity of making porn. And it’s real.”

Get a Piece of Skin Off Bruce LaBruce

Bruce LaBruce and Tom of Finland Store form a happy (open) relationship

If you are not familiar with Bruce LaBruce’s work, he is sort of a bastard love child of Kenneth Anger and John Waters. Maybe a little scarier. His first claim to fame was the zine J.D.s in 1985. And that little chapbook essentially made the ’90s homocore scene possible. He also made a bunch of crazy-ass films meant to challenge everything you hold dear about God and country. What a relief to let go of all those old ideas.

Hustler Hiding (Madrid), 2009, Courtesy of the artist and ToFS

His fetishized views on sexuality and his tendency to include very hardcore sex scenes in his films and art work make his current offerings through the Tom of Finland Store a perfect match. Even 30-something years after the launch of J.D.s, Bruce LaBruce can still shock — in that way you like to be shocked.

Bruce LaBruce and Joakim Andreasson (ToFS creative director) have announced the online reiteration of Faggotry. Following retrospective gallery exhibitions and programs in London (Gallery 46), Madrid (La Fresh), Los Angeles (Lethal Amounts) and New York (MoMA), the online platform will be made up of over 100 photographs that LaBruce has produced over the past 25 years, and are now available as part of an exclusive offering via Tom of Finland Store.

The presentation includes photographs from film sets, candid shots of fellow artists, friends, and collaborators, photographs made for movie promotion and posters, excerpts of shoots for magazines, photography for gallery shows, and documentation of live performances.

Klaus von Brucker #2 (No Skin Off My Ass production still), 1990, Courtesy of the artist and ToFS

“To be honest, I just keep doing what I’ve always been doing. It’s the political spectrum that keeps shifting, although its goal posts always seem to shift more and more to the right side of the spectrum in terms of capitalism, corporatism, and neo-liberalism. My work has never been particularly accepted by the gay orthodoxy, and as assimilation advances, it’s even less popular!”
Bruce LaBruce on the Glory Hole blog

By Christopher Harrity


74 Pics of Xmas Spankings at Tom of Finland House

CLICK FOR GALLERY – Thanks to Miguel Angel Reyes for the TOM House photos.

Well, what did you expect the holiday party at Tom of Finland Foundation to be like?

The most desired invite for parties this past weekend was to the Tom of Finland Foundation holiday get-together. The Foundation is always full of surprises and all kinds of erotic mayhem. It’s wise to be prepared for anything. Bare-assed spankings in front of an open fire set the nostalgic holiday tone.

Los Angeles erotic art stars were present including Jamison Karon, Ruben Esparza, Stuart Sandford, Sheree Rose, Buck Angel, and more.

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By Christopher Harrity