“Jess Room in TOM House” | 1st and 2nd December

Beach Boy Burden Throne, 2018

Jess Scott is an artist living in L.A. working in paintings, drawings, and sometimes ceramics, sculptures, and repurposed objects for installation. Scott was featured in the Tom of Finland survey in Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead / MOCAD in Detroit (2018) and was subsequently inspired by the idea of the TOM House in a Mike Home, extending the concept to a Jess Room in TOM House. Jess Room will therefore aim to create a both contained and influenced world of Scott’s work situated in context of Tom of Finland as a contemporarily-engaged legacy. Scott’s sculptures of Loiter Daddies, various ceramic objects, paintings, reimagined novels, paper lanterns, and other objects of home and art studio will furnish TOM House’s ground floor for a two day exhibition.

Loiter Daddy 2, 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday 6-9p
Sunday: Noon to 5p


Day With(Out) Art 2015 | 1st December

Visual AIDS


SHAN KELLEY, With Curators Like These, Who Needs A Cure?, 2015


RADIANT PRESENCE is a digital slideshow with images from the Visual AIDS’ Artist+ Registry, the largest database of works by artists with HIV/AIDS. RADIANT PRESENCE features artwork by artists living with HIV/AIDS and those who are no longer with us. The artwork is interspersed with current statistics and information about HIV/AIDS today.

For the 26th annual Day With(out) Art, Visual AIDS has partnered with art institutions, AIDS-service organizations, and universities for screenings and public programs to highlight RADIANT PRESENCE internationally. Visual AIDS has also coordinated large-scale outdoor projections of RADIANT PRESENCE in highly visible public locations in New York City, San Francisco and Miami (during Art Basel).



Visual AIDS: Day With(out) Art 25th Anniversary!

Visual AIDS: Day With(out) Art 25th Anniversary!

Day With(out) Art 25th Anniversary!

+ Commissioned Artist Videos by Rhys Ernst, Glen Fogel, Lyle Ashton Harris, Hi Tiger, Tom Kalin, My Barbarian and Julie Tolentino + Screening Dates & Locations in 35+ Cities Internationally

Alternate Endings ALTERNATE ENDINGS Day With(out) Art 25th Anniversary Screenings 1st-7th December across 45 venues in 35 cities internationally Details on screening dates & locations.

On 1st December 1989, Visual AIDS organized the first Day With(out) Art—a national day of action and mourning in response to the AIDS crisis. To honor the 25th year of Day With(out) Art, Visual AIDS has commissioned seven artists/collectives—Rhys Ernst, Glen Fogel, Lyle Ashton Harris, Hi Tiger, Tom Kalin, My Barbarian, and Julie Tolentino—to create new short videos to be screened internationally.