A mysterious sense of intimacy and desirable fantasy

Jeremy Kost's FracturedJeremy Kost’s (born 1977) last monograph, It’s Always Darkest before Dawn, established him as a master of the Polaroid. His body of work is at once image, performative act and genre-bending fusion of subject, environment and artistic technique. Born of one of the fortuitous mistakes in the artist’s studio that leads to incredible breakthroughs–a camera malfunction– Kost’s latest series consists of multiple-exposure Polaroids of young, stereotypically beautiful men–a subject and technique that Kost has been investigating for nearly a decade. These mesmerizing, layered Polaroid images are collected in Fractured, along with contextualizing and descriptive text from Franklin Sirmans, LACMA Curator of Contemporary Art. Made throughout 2013, only a fraction of the work has been seen outside of the studio before the publication of this book. Presenting dreamlike, fractured narratives collapsed into a single Polaroid frame, each image takes the viewer to an intimate place filled with broken dreams and unrequited desire, while celebrating man’s beauty and identity. Whether cropped to show luminous details or simply floated on the page, each photograph represents a tangible, beautiful moment layered in mystery.

Jeremy Kost Fractured

Shot at TOM House. © Jeremy Kost

Jeremy Kost Fractured

Shot at TOM House. © Jeremy Kost

Jeremy Kost Fractured

Shot at TOM House. © Jeremy Kost

Available on Amazon.com. An Artist’s Edition is available on JeremyKost.com.

Revealed: Reasons Behind Erotic Sex Sculptures and Architecture on Hindu Temple Walls

India has been a land of temples with finest art and architecture across its geographical destinations. While very often many endless questions start brainstorming after being ascertained with the erotic sex sculptures on the wall so of temple for the devotees and visitors to the holy religious place. Discussions and rumors have been abundant after these erotic sculptures while only a few could be found valid and acceptable.


Markandeshwar Temple, Maharashtra

Why Do Hindu Temples Walls and Other Structures Have Sex Sculptures and Architecture?

Hindu religion is one of the largest religion which is followed by millions across globe and has its roots relating to early inception of humans and civilization on earth. Temples of Hindu have been often denoted as the replicas of the cosmology of the universe. As per the spiritual and religious manuscripts and Vedas it has been stated that  the architecture and the sculptures of  a temple not only limns the cosmology of the universe but explicitly portrays  sensual material pleasures on their walls, which conveys the point that we do not have to get distracted by these temptations and should move forward single mindedly towards the Lord and Almighty.

Nudity has always been associated with renunciation in spirituality in most of largest religions which have been followed my many across the world. India’s highly followed spiritual and motivational leader Vivekananda said “Unless you are spiritually mature  enough, don’t read Raslila, because you are going to mis read it” Hence we can conclude that for the uninformed vision these depictions of erotic sculptures may appear vulgar, but to the informed one they are replicas of the soul’s spiritual journey towards God which can be claimed as the first point and the primary understanding.

Temples which are well known for the erotic sculptures and architecture.

By R P K Rathodallindiaroundup3

San Francisco Erotic Art Exhibition 2 – 21st September – SF



The exhibition features 25 artists displaying over 400 paintings, sculptures and photographs, from the fine art nude to the extreme erotica.

Plus Erotic Entertainment:

-Latex Fetish Fashion Show by Blacklickorish Latex, Fri: 7:30pm
-Adult Toy Demonstration by Good Vibrations, Sat., 6pm
-Erotic Fashion Show by Felicity’s Fetiche, Sat., 7:30pm
-Rope Bondage by TomFoolery, Fri. and Sat.
-Live Performance Art by Coralee Lynn Rose and Patrick Andraste, Fri. and Sat.

Admission: $5, Free on Sunday – Must be 21


Gallery 4N5