Tom exhibition in Finland, 2011 Turku, Finland

We are very pleased with your enthusiasm in bringing this exhibition to Turku Finland. There are many roads we can speak of as time passes , yet what I am here to tell you is that exhibitions from Toms Foundation that are exhibited within Finland brings forth a passion that will be evident in this exhibition. I think the world of Mr Everett and all that his Homotopia does in the world of culture of the queer communities of the world. The exact exhibition that traveled to Liverpool has sense then been dismantled and so with the sense of this new one traveling to Turko , a city close to where he was born and raised, and Scotland where Toms men would be hewn by a cruder blade, yet mind you the men do were skirts. Always keeping the jest in it as Tom taught us well, laughter only makes the sex all the better. You will have a most remarkable exhibit and so let us now begin to discuss sizes and quantity. I think if we examine the previous exhibit and its size that will also make the new task somewhat simpler.