Holiday Potluck @ TOM House

Winter Solstice
20th December 2014


Special thanks to Harry Schlager, Yuletide CarolersThe Boobé Sisters, DJ RocketManLA and Matthew Mullins.

We certainly appreciate the evenings hosts:
Pete Karjalainen, the Yule Goat
SirJet, the saucy elf

Michael Kirwan, culinary genius
Toni Rodriguez, special beyond words

Thank you to Miguel Angel Reyes
and Marc Ransdell Bellenger

And thank you, thank you to all our Volunteers!

Get your invite for the 20th?


Hello Friend!
Just checking to make sure you received your invitation for this year’s Winter Solstice Soirée?
If you did get it, please let us know if you’ll be attending this year.
If you didn’t get it, let me know and I’ll forward one onto you straight away.
We’re asking that we hear from you by the 18th, if possible.
Thank you,