A genius work of art: Literaturwurst

A recent addition to the Foundation’s permanent collection is this sculpture by Katie Herzog.

The projects of Katie Herzog are actively engaged in rethinking contemporary forms of information distribution,

Installed in ToFF Library, 2012. Photo by Libby Freeman

alternative models of archivization, the traditions of librarianship and how artistic interventions communicate both inside and outside the confines of the fine art world. Her most recent project, Literaturwurst, takes up a process of appropriation with a contemporary twist.

Whether her book sausages are seen as seasoned writings, food for thought or nourishment for the mind, Herzog’s works redress the functionality of copyright laws as a series of expropriative restrictions.

“Herzog is headed into provocative territory.” –LA Times


Tom of Finland XXL book in casing.


Katie Herzog – “Literaturwurst” – Oct. 6 – LA

Katie Herzog
Oct. 6 – Oct. 30 2011
On view at Autonomie along with Gabie Strong’s “The Exegesis of Entropy”
Autonomie Foundation










333 South Spring Street, Unit #E4
Los Angeles, California

The artist will be soliciting title requests, printing off the web, shredding, and making book sausages in downtown LA on the following dates:

Opening reception Oct. 6, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Ciclavia performance Oct. 9, 10am-3pm
Final performance and closing reception Oct. 29, 4-8pm

Come by! Or email a title request to: molesworthinstitute@gmail.com

Sausages will hang in the gallery throughout the month and will be ready for pickup at the closing reception.