“PATRICK LEE: New Drawings” | 29th March | LA

The third solo exhibition at Western Project by Los Angeles artist, Patrick Lee. For over ten years Lee has worked on his series Deadly Friends; an investigation into the lives of men on the streets of America. Looking to understand the subtle and often forceful appearances of men the artist has created a body of work this time inspired by the environs around LA City Jail and the nearby Union Station.



Observing an area of opposites, he writes:

gray concrete, drab, sulphurous tungsten….a weird zone of Bail Bond boutiques, buses, trains… wandering about amongst thousands of commuters…many without any idea where to go or how.. Union Station is a hub, a place to start over in a sense and an opportunity to escape the city, the past.



Patrick Lee – Western Project – June 18 – July 23 – LA

Deadly Friends (Big Top), 2010 Graphite on paper 36 x 24 inches

Patrick Lee: Drawings and Video

June 18 – July 23, 2011











Western Project is proud to present the second solo exhibition by Los Angeles artist Patrick Lee. After a successful show in New York last year, the artist will present seven recent large scale drawings and a new video project. His continuing series, Deadly Friends, mines the transient and elusive definitions of masculinity. The artist has met and photographed hundreds of men on the streets of America over the past decade. Like a scientist, Lee has collects images of thousands of examples of physical attributes: scars, facial hair, tattoos, body muscle, talismans, etc. His primary interest is in the artifice off masculinity; the characteristics men acquire for money, sex, power and essential survival. Using photographs, Lee draws his subjects from numerous images; as composites or masks, using subtle or often times not subtle, physical traits and features.

Lee was a winner in the Tom of Finland Foundation’s 2003 Emerging Erotic Artist Contest.

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