Big thanks to Folsom volunteers and organizers

Is it just me,
or does the Folsom Street Fair just keep getting bigger and better?

We had an incredible weekend in San Francisco, and we owe an extra big thanks to our two volunteers; Angel Armesto from Austin, Texas; and Erik Tweed of The Magazine who spent their entire day reaching out to the public and educating the uninitiated about Tom of Finland and the vital social and historic importance of protecting, preserving and promoting erotic art.


Thanks to the grant from the fine folks at the Folsom Street Events for their funds that covered the price of our space, a beautiful new pop-up tent, as well as some gas to get there.






We would also be remiss for neglecting to mention the donation from Thorn at Instigator magazine or Pete Finland for dropping by to say “Hi”.







We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!