Hanging Out at Tom of Finland’s House


Stefan Pinto seized the moment by creating an impromptu sexy photo booth in the Pleasure Park section of the Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival this weekend in Los Angeles. The festival is an annual event well-attended by artists, performers, and their admirers. There are exhibits, lectures, parties, and life drawing workshops taught by the very sexy Miguel Angel Reyes.

Miguel sent us these pictures taken by his friend Stefan, who was not an official part of the festivities, just a welcome opportunist. Depending on what steamy corridors of Facebook you trawl, you may know Stefan as the very inspirational author of Fat-to-Fit: 50 Easy Ways to Lose Weight. Check his Facebook page for how he did it, recipes, and some stunning photos of Stefan.

Now Stefan is a model and photographer who enjoys spending time behind the camera — sometimes more than being in front of it. He was trained by National Geographic.


A couple of hellraisers get their rewards

A special report on two guys who got Tom of Finland Foundation Lifetime Achievement Awards, Terry Le Grand and Roger Earl, for decades of doing loads of things in the community.


They starting the very early queer porn S&M film revolution (in the pre-vid, 16 and 35mm ’60s). They got their first project banned in California (and many other states) for using real Los Angeles police cars, motorbikes and true official uniformed LAPD officers, doing quite different things than what they are known for, in their landmark project Born to Raise Hell.

It’s guys like these, charting unknown territory from the ’60s onward who got us the civil liberties many within our Western European and Northern American homo communities now take for granted. With the aids era, neo-religous prudism waves comparable to historic iconoclasms and homo-normalo manifestations like marriage, we’re on the path to lose many of those liberties. It’s guys like the ones running the Tom of Finland Foundation, Treasure Island media that now fights clampdowns on BB-pornstars in California against retarded/retired misguided Aids activists, Poz & Proud in Amsterdam, IML, ECMC and our good-old leather-and-fetish bars/clubs who keep us on a vigilant edge and guard us against losing the freedom we experienced from then until today.

By Ad Schuringheader2b

Luncheon for Tom of Finland Emerging Artists


2nd October | TOM House

First run in 1993, the Competition aims to cultivate the next generation of artists who are producing erotic artwork. The main criterion for entry is that the artist is not already commercially selling work that portrays sexuality. The Grand Prize is an original Tom of Finland drawing. The contest was judged by a stellar group of 10 internationally renowned contemporary artists: assume vivid astro focus (Eli Sudbrack and Christophe HamaidePierson), Elmgreen & Dragset (Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset), Richard Hawkins, Ryan Heffington, Bruce LaBruce, Helmut Lang, Linder and A.L. Steiner.

Competition Winners 2014-2015