Tom of Finland Fest Brings the Artist’s Iconic Drawings to Life

Photographer Navi captured the weekend in all its kinky glory.

The Tom of Finland Foundation held its annual Art and Culture Festival this past weekend at its LA headquarters, and the event played out like one of Tom of Finland’s iconic drawings brought to life.

The focus of this year’s fest was moving pictures – a nod to the U.S. release later this month of the ToF biopic – and the programmers rounded out the art on display with live tattooing and skateboarders grinding on a halfpipe in the Foundation’s leafy front yard.

Recently out-and-proud pro skater Brian Anderson was on hand as a guest artist, along with loads of covetable erotica curated by LA-based artist Rubén Esparza (not to mention the many priceless Tom of Finland works that permanently adorn the foundation’s walls).

We sent photographer Navi out to document the action – from the sex dungeon underneath the house to the pleasure park in the backyard – and he didn’t disappoint.

By: Alex Black

Tom of Finland Foundation Cultural Icon Award


Photograph of Brain Anderson by Navi at the Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival 2017

Brian Anderson is known for his international success becoming Thrasher’s Skater of the Year in 1999 and winning the World Cup of Skateboarding in Münster, Germany the same year, he has since become one of the most iconic and respected professional skateboarders worldwide.

In 2016 Brian came out as gay in a Vice award-winning documentary by Giovanni Reda, where he talks about his journey, fears, and why it was the right decision to no longer keep his sexuality a secret.

When Brian said into camera, “I’m a professional skater and we’re here to discuss the fact that I am gay” he was transformed into an icon for our community.

We are impressed that now Brian is now committed to his art and we are proud to display his gift to our permanent collection, He-Man, as part of the Moving Picture exhibition at this year’s Art & Culture Festival We are fortunate to have in our library his zine, Cave Homo on which he collaborated with Christian Trippe and Luke Williams.

Brain Anderson at TOM House, 2017