TOM’s Foundation says thank you to New York

Will, Pete & CB @ Pieces


On March 21st,
The Will Clark Show
featured Porno Bingo.

The evening raised bux
for ToFF with a

A night of
and kix. 




Tom of Finland Foundation thanks

Will Clark
Pete Finland
CB Kirby
The LGBT Community of NYC

for their CONTINUED support (and awesomeness!) They know we’re no place without an affirmative outlook on sex.


Mama Told Me Not to Play With Dolls – But In This Case She Was Wrong!

Will Clark World
April 19, 2011

By Will Clark

Time has fuzzed over how it happened that, as a kid, I had one action figure but clothes for Captain Kirk and Captain Marvel. Interesting how they’re both military, huh and interesting too that I didn’t think anything of undressing and dressing each of them at various times. If that’s not foreshadowing about my big gay life as an adult, I don’t know what is. 🙂


But now, thanks to the Tom of Finland guys (and specifically sculptor Norm Lloyd), you can put away that sad excuse for an ‘adult action figure’ aka Billy, and get instead their newest erotic release – the Rebel action figure which stands 13 inches high (so size queens will be happy) and comes with three interchangable penis’ (yes yes yes I know … but it’s almost too easy, you know?). The figure has the Tom bod, the cocky smile and leather clothes. Yum.

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