The power of being who we are

kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga, Latvia is presenting a group exhibition, Slash: In Between the Normative and the Fantasy, which includes work from Tom of Finland, Edgars Ozoliņš and artists from around the world.

While there, I came upon three women: One from Latvia; one from Lithuania and one from Estonia.

011The three had come there to empower the Queer Latvians – to support what it takes to move their country forward. They were beaming while viewing the Tom of Finlands so I naturally asked them what it was about his work that spoke to them. They all told me that he made them proud to be Homosexual, that his drawings made them feel happy inside, full of pleasure in being themselves, enjoying life and their sexuality.

We can overcome anything when we tap into the power of being who we are.

-Durk Dehner


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