They called it filth. It became a revolution.



The Official Feature Film

Developed in co-operation with Tom of Finland Foundation.
The film is an international co-production
directed by the multiple award-winning Dome Karukoski.

In post-WW II Finland, homosexuals were officially classified as mentally ill, weak and feminine. They were beaten by police, thrown in jail like criminals and often sent to asylums for “treatment”. In the middle of it all, one man was quietly fantasizing about a different world through the tip of an artist’s pen. Tom of Finland began secretly creating a completely new variety of homoerotic art for gay men. Proud, healthy and über-masculine. His work was sexually liberated. Totally shameless. Gleefully and aggressively trouncing the norm.

His art fanned the flames of a revolution, emboldening a new generation of homosexuals to stand up and celebrate what they were:



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