Tom of Finland film meets with Tom of Finland in Finland

Producer Aleksi Bardy and director Dome Karukoski of Helsinki-filmi meet with Tom of Finland Foundation, Tom of Finland Seura, friends of Touko Laaksonen (Tom of Finland) and friends in Helsinki.IMG_0442

The meeting took place at the Sea Horse restaurant in Touko’s neighborhood where he and his lover of 28 years, Veli, took many meals.


The great thing about collaborating with Helsinki-filmi on the TOM OF FINLAND project is that the movie will be made, not only with the artist’s sensibility, but with a Queer sensibility, as well.

At the meeting, among others, were historian Kati Mustola, author Lamppu Laamanen, Durk Dehner and Susanna Luoto from TOM’s Foundation, TOM’s Club member Wiki Wickman and Marko Kuivalainen from the Seura.


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