“Tom of Finland – Sarja kuvia”

Pornoa, taidetta vai campia?

Tom of Finland on kansainvälisesti ehkä tunnetuin suomalainen taiteilija. Hänen himokkaat ja lihaksikkaat sankarinsa ovat korostetun miehekkäitä toisin kuin nykyajan sisustusta harrastavat homokarikatyyrit. Kun liioitellun suuret kalut ja tiukat pakarat kiirehtivät yhä vain uusille panopaikoille, mukaan sujahtaa myös aimo annos camp-huumoria.

TOM OF FINLAND, Untitled (From "Jukka’s Horny Adventure", recreated by Sean Platter – studio splatter, 2014), 1957, Pen & ink on paper

COVER ART: TOM OF FINLAND, Untitled (From “Jukka’s Horny Adventure”, recreated by Sean Platter – studio splatter, 2014), 1957, Pen & ink on paper

Tom of Finland drew at a time when Homosexuality was a criminal offense. He was forced to hide his works, and smuggled a large part of them abroad. Only in recent years, Tom has become more widely known in his home country. His homecoming continues: he is the subject of Ilppo Pohjola’s 1991 documentary, Daddy and the Muscle Academy, and Helsinki-filmi’s upcoming feature film, Tom of Finland.

An exhibition of TOM and fellow artists, DIRTY FRAMES, opens in Helsinki on 28th August where Tom of Finland – Sarja kuvia will be launched,  as part of Helsinki Comics Festival.

Tom of Finlandin sarjakuvista on Suomessa koottu aiemmin vain yksi albumi, loppuunmyyty ja kirjastoista jo tykkänään varastettu Kaikki Miket ja neljä Kakea. Uusi kokoelma Sarja kuvia esittelee Tomin tuotantoa 40-luvulta lähtien, ja mukana on runsaasti materiaalia, jota ei aiemmin ole julkaistu. Sarjojen lisäksi teos sisältää luonnoksia ja kattavan esipuheen.

Tom of Finland – Sarja kuvia
ISBN: 978-952-01-1114-4
Language: Finnish
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 128
For Sale: Yes

The mere mention of the name “Tom of Finland” has always brought a smile to people’s faces and, with this in mind, it is with great pleasure that we partner with Like Publishing in bringing to Finland this special book of Tom’s comics with their original Finnish text. To the best of our knowledge, several of these stories have never before been published.

We dedicate this compendium to those mentioned here and everyone else in Finland who has, and will carry, the banner of pride associated with the name and legacy of this amazing Finn. His artistic and social legacy continues to influence and transform culture worldwide. -Durk Dehner, President and Cofounder, Tom of Finland Foundation



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