Tom of Finland Will Put Out Your Fire


A fire blanket is an essential piece of safety equipment for every home, recommended by fire safety authorities. You can extinguish small fires before they lead to severe damage or perhaps casualties.

No matter your sexual orientation, you’d do well to run over to Artists Space in New York for the phenomenally lewd and irreverent survey of drawings by late gay erotica icon Tom of Finland, on view through August 23. And if you, um, own a fireplace [or kitchen!], Jalo Helsinki has a treat for you! The Finnish company — whose tagline is “Safety Can Be Beautiful,” exemplified by a line of aesthetically pleasing smoke alarms — is offering fire blankets ornamented with Tom of Finland’s brawny, brutish protagonists, from “The Leader” (“Rugged, masculine and ripped. The Master has a ‘take charge’ attitude, always ready to be in control in case of fire”) to “The Hero” (“If you’re holding out for a hero to pull you from the rough surf and give you mouth-to-mouth, then this is the duo for you!”).

By Scott IndrisekBlouin_Art_Info


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